Automatic Step Voltage Regulator in Nepal

Automatic Step Voltage Regulator Manufacturer and Supplier in Nepal

During the past 50 years, we have continuously kept and developed the true originality of technology as well as upgradability through R&D activities in the field of AC & DC power sources.

IEC is, I dare say, a medium scaled electrical manufacturer with large potentials.

In terms of items, we are producing various kinds of Transformers(Cast resin, Pole mounted, Ground mounted, Pad mounted etc..)up to 40MVA class and also are supplying UPS, EP-Rectifier, Battery Charger, Industrial use Rectifier, Voltage Regulator, Reactor, Mining Transformer, Traction and Locomotive Transformers. In terms of sales, we have been keeping unchangeable domestic and overseas market sales and abroad.

For the nuclear power plants use, we have had “Q”, “T”, “R” class licenses regarding Inverter(UPS), Battery Charger, AVR since 1995 as the first runner in this specific field in Korea. We cordially expect your deep concerns regarding our company and the reliability confirmation of our products.

Technical Specification

Voltage11, 22, 33KV±10%
CurrentUp to 640A
BIL95, 150, 200
Frequency50, 60Hz
Tank TypeRound, Square
Tap Changer32 Steps

This regulator maintains phase-to-phase voltage within a certain range and helps motor, lights and machine run properly.