Transformers in Nepal

Looking for transformers in nepal?You will find many transformer manufacturer in nepal but finding quality transformers, good services that comes within your pocket money is very hard to get. But, here we end your search for transformers in nepal.

Eastern Transformer Industry (ETI) is is an ISO 9001-2008 certified transformer manufacturing company in Nepal (Eastern Nepal) managed by highly experienced professional agreeing to pool their expertise and resources to meet the needs of customers. It is one of the most successful transformer manufacturer and supplier, we have in our country.

Eastern Transformer Industry work on three principle as mentioned,

Transformers in Nepal: Best Quality & Services is the Non-Negotiable Policy.
Reliable Transformers: Satisfied Customer is the Best Business Strategy.
Best Services: Transparent Business Dealings is one of the Pillars at Eastern.

The promoters of Eastern age from Electrical, mechanical and Instrument Engineering disciples with over 30 years of wide expertise working in Government, Public and private sector enterprises in diverse fields

Products of Eastern Transformer Industry

We are certified manufacturer and supplier of transformers in nepal and our transformers are tested and approved by NEA test lab. Our product includes,

Power Transformers in Nepal - Power Transformers are used in transmission network of higher voltages for step up and step down applications and Eastern Transformer has developed a comprehensive range and extra high voltage power transformers in nepal. Know more
Distribution Transformers in Nepal - Distribution Transformers are manufactured using qualitative material and tested on various parameters for efficient working life at Eastern Transformer Industry. Know more
Dry Type Transformers in Nepal - Dry type transformers are manufactured using F (Fiber) or H (NOMEX) class insulation with or without enclosure as per the site / client requirement. Know more
Servo Voltage Stabilizers in Nepal - Servo voltage stabilizers are an effective solution to voltage fluctuation problems. They are designed to current a wide range of Input Fluctuations to maintain specified output voltage. Know more
Automatic Step Voltage Regulators in Nepal - We are producing various kinds of Transformers (Cast resin, Pole mounted, Ground mounted, Pad mounted etc..) up to 40 MVA class and supplying UPS, EP-Rectifier, Battery Charger, Rectifier, Voltage Regulator, Reactor, Mining Transformer, Traction and Locomotive Transformers. Know more

Services at Eastern Transformer Industry

Transformer Manufacturing - We study customer specification to design and manufacture best transformers that fulfill our client need.
Transformer Repair - We provide service of transformer repairing in nepal and we do our best for solve your problems.
Transformer Rent - We provide our transformers in rent as per client requirement.
Transformer Oil filtration - We also serve in the field of transformer oil purification by removing contaminants from transformer oil.
Servicing on Site - We take care of our valuable customers and provide servicing of transformer on site for their ease.

Design at Eastern Transformer Industry

Eastern Strives to give the best to its customers which includes unique designs features, quality and long term reliability. Eastern Transformers are designed in accordance to the customer's specific requirement and meet all the latest standards of manufacturing which includes IS, IEC, ADSI, DIN, BS etc.

Reliability and Quality Assurance at Eastern Transformer

Our Transformers are design and manufactured with the best material under consideration of highly experienced professional. Following material are used to meet customer requirement and standard,

Steel Core - made from low-loss rolled grain oriented magnetic steel lamination.
High Voltage Windings - made from high quality enamel wire.
Low voltage windings - made from pure copper strip.
Insulation paper - made from well delignified unbleached kraft pulp.
Conjugated Tank and Fin Type - made from cold roll steel.
Insulating Oil - filled with Transformer oil high-grade quality which complies to the BS/48/84 iec 296 standards.

Warranty at Eastern Transformer Industry

Eastern offers first 2 years full warranty against any manufacturing defect, effective from the date of delivery. NO cost will be borne by the customer. In the 3rd and 4th year extended warranty (after completion of first two years warranty), only material charges will be borne by the customer.

Services after sales at Eastern Transformer Industry

This is the most important aspect looked by Eastern Transformer. Since, transformers run for many years, so we look transformer after sales too. Eastern Transformers have a dedicated team taking care of the "After Sales Service" who respond to the customer problems and work hand in hand with our well trained service engineers to rectify the problems to the earliest.

Eastern Transformer provide all types of services related to transformers at best price. Not satisfied yet! Have a word with us and clear your unsatisfied quories right away. Pick a phone and dial +977-21-460044 to talk with our representative or contact us here so that we can reach you as soon as possible.

Transformers in Nepal Eastern Transformer : Transformer for Client Satisfaction